Weight Loss Diet Plan’s

30 Days weight loss challenge

We are going to start a 3o day diet challenge now, will be very much beneficial to all whoever planning to start weight loss.

Weight loss Detox Drink

One of the best and effective method to lose weight is to start detox your body, this drink can help you to lose your weight.

Day 1 - Exercise and Diet Chart

Exercise is one of the best way to do reduce your excess fat, this video gives simple exercise to reduce your fat and improve your metabolism.

Day 2 - Question and Answers

Day 2 is going to be a question and answer session, to clarify all your doubts for starting this diet challenge.

Day 3 - Reason for not losing weight

Why you are not losing your weight? no one give you an exact answer, keep watching this video to get to know more about.


Day 4 - Who can do skipping?
Skipping is one of the best exercise to lose your excess weight.
Skipping always increase your stamina and will give more energetic in day by day.
Day 5 - Cumin water for weight loss
Day 6 - Low carb diet plan
Day 7 - Give away announcement
Day 8 -How to lose belly fat in 10 days
Day 9 - Benefits of 8 shape walking
Day 10 - Ketogenic Diet
Day 11 - How to lose face fat?
Day 12 - Fruits to be avoided
Day 13 - Water fasting
Day 14 - Banana will increase weight?
Day 15 - Japan tech for belly fat
Day 16 - Mistakes we do in the morning
Day 17 - Scientefic reason for weight loss
Day 18 - Intermittent fasting
Day 19 - Day sleeping cause weight gain?
Day 20 - Bullet proof coffee,weight loss
Day 21 - Weight loss drink, fast action
Day 22 - weight loss smoothies
Day 23 - How i lost my weight?
Day 24 - Weight loss motivation tips
Day 25 - Weight loss diet plan
Day 26 & 27 - Weight loss challenge
Day 28 - Common mistakes in night
Day 29 - Best weight loss OIL
Day 30 - Weight loss challenge
Easy weight loss tips