Papaya Diet – How to lose weight?

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Too many people asking to reduce overnight, is it possible? To answer this question i can simply answer, “NO”.  No one in this world can do this magic trick to reduce the weight overnight. So we need to analyze the main reason for your weight increase. As i see one of the main reason for weight increase is improper functioning of digestive system.Our body keep toxins in our body if the digestive system is poor, which causes the weight gain.


Papaya helps to reduce weight and proper utilization of metabolism and improves digestive system. Papaya contains papain, a digestive enzyme, that helps to digest proteins and clean the intestinal walls.

Papaya has low calorie and high nutrition, so having good source of nutrition is good for health and it is low calorie fruit,  weight reduction will happen naturally.

How to eat Papaya?

Papaya can be eaten raw or cut into pieces to eat. It is preferable to Papaya along with other foods. Papaya can be blend with milk to get flavored smoothie.

Papaya diet can be the best among other diet plan, further information follow the link below


Ambika Subramani

Certified Nutritionist & Advanced diploma in Weight loss management

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