My Weight Loss Journey 90Kgs to 63Kgs

Everyone’s dream nowadays is to how to reduce weight.

how i lose my weight 

How i lost my weight

How to reduce?

How to Start?

Where to start?

Where to end? 

How to contain my weight after reduce tiny?

Will I gain more weight after this diet plan?

To all your questions this Blog is going to give an answer in one simple sentence.

Yes, You can reduce your weight, start today, no weight gain after this diet.

Lets see how we will start this diet plan and how we will continue to be in the same weight.

Video link to my weight loss Diet Plan


weight loss san square 

This Weight Loss is journey is purely my transformation from 90Kg to 63Kg, some people have different lifestyle, so the weight loss / diet will take much longer than expected.

Weight loss is not that much difficult its very simple if we follow the proper advise and diet, we need confidence and just ignore others comments or hurts that they may comment, you gained weight etc, if any such comments, proudly say Yes i am in healthy condition from that itself they wont ask second time, they will feel that we don’t like to be questioned, in that way only we can reduce weight, provided you have that confidence that you can able to reduce, so you can take this challenge with full confidence.

From this weight loss transformation, i reduced my weight from 90kg to 63Kg,

I lost around 17 kg weight within 4 months we need more patience.

Please don’t follow someone promising to reduce in 4 days with “X” amount of weight loss, you can reduce 5 kg in 4 days, even i did those journey but you gain more weight than you reduced. So the time and the energy we spent was totally waste so the stress level will also increase, so don’t practice such diets, we need more patience to reduce weights we need to reduce weight in a healthy way. Lets see on how to reduce the weight in a healthy way.

We are going to have a plan called Calorie Meal Plan, this plan is modified version of GM diet.

“No more than 1200 Calorie Meal per day”

That’s our Diet Plan, have plenty of Calorie calculating apps in the market, i used “My Plate” and the link below

1. Android users:

2. Iphone / Apple Users

First step you have to input your daily food intake in the app to calculate how much Calorie we intake per day, based on the results, we need to maintain the per day maximum Calorie of 1200 Calorie.

Weight loss management, how i lose my weight 

“Water Intake”

Water intake calculated based weight, for 20Kg we need to drink 1 liter water per day, for 80Kg, we must drink 4 Liter water per day.  Water intake will be considered in the periodic interval atleast, 1 cup water 30 minutes before any meal. This one Cup water will reduce our appetite, 75% of our stomach will be filled with this water, so our food intake will be limited, this is most useful tips for weight loss(Controlling Food Intake).

After our meal, we need to take one cup of warm water within 30 minutes, this warm water will burn unwanted fats. Drinking warm water always good for health even after weight loss.

We should have a practice of drinking cumin water regularly. For one glass water, add one spoon of cumin and boil the water with half lemon extract.

Once cumin water is warm, drink daily in empty stomach, this cumin water will boost your metabolism and will help to reduce your weight.

How i lose my weight 

How i lose my weight

“Vegan Diet”

This Vegan diet is modified version of GM diet, have plenty of vegan diet in a search engine. Those vegan diet is suitable for person having enough rest / idle in home. For working people or having kids, we cannot directly follow those diet plan, so I modified on the Vegan diet to suit my need.

This modified diet worked 100% for me and some of my Youtube followers also commented that they benefited from this diet, so i am happy to share the same diet in my Blog.

This diet we need to follow for 7 days to get better results.

How i lost my weight

“Day One – Fruit Diet “

First day of diet is going to be with fruits, we need to take much fiber content fruits, Water Content and Vitamin C rich fruits like Orange, Grapes, Gauva, Pears, Watermelon etc. Since day one is going to be only with fruits, we can have as much as fruits whenever we feel appetite. We need to drink plenty of water during this diet, that is most important.

During night, we can take 2 chapathi / 1 Onion Dosa(Wheat Dosa), this is to keep our stamina high, since we are not taking any food until dusk, this small meal will make our calorie in right figure, to work in the morning with active energy.

“Day Two –  Vegetable Diet”

I used to take / prefer to have Cucumber, all raw / Green vegetable can be taken during this diet. Even some vegetables can be cooked and eat(half cooked preferred). Have to cook the vegetables without use of oil, salt and chilli powder can be added to taste.

Cucumber, Rich guard, Cabbage is good for this diet, we need to take this vegetables consistently to keep our energy and stamina.

“Day Three – Mixed Fruit & Vegetables Diet”

Third day is going to be a mixed of Day One and Two, we can eat the Fruits & Vegetables, as per the above said Diet plans. During night we can take 2 Chapathi / 1 Onion Dosa(Wheat Dosa) as per day one plan.

“Day Four – Banana Milk Diet”

For the whole day, we need to take Maximum 4 Banana & 3 Cup of Milk, if you would like to have dinner, you can reduce the Banana intake to 3 as maximum & have a Dinner with 2 chapathi / 1 Onion Dosa(Wheat Dosa). 4 Banana itself will fill our appetite and we won’t feel hungry until night.

“Day Five – Tomato Diet”

Tomato is good for weight loss, this is one of the instruction from the vegan diet, minimum we should take four raw Tomatoes, in addition to the Tomatoes you can take Raw Vegetables & some Fruits as and when. For Dinner you can take 2 chapathi / 1 Onion Dosa(Wheat Dosa) as per day one Diet Plan.

“Day Six – Juice Diet”

In the other diet day’s we can have some vegetables, but in day six, we should drink only juices. In any form of juices, don’t add “White Sugar”. White Sugar is the biggest enemy in Weight loss. We have to avoid sweet intake throughout the diet plan. We can include Raw sugar as alternate for Sugar. 

We can take one cup of rice during as lunch on sixth day diet plan, dinner can be with Dosa(Wheat Dosa) / Chapathi or Raw Vegetables can be taken.

“Day Seven – Three Meal Day”

Wow, we completed successfully six day with controlled diet, that is awesome.

Day seven is going to be with 3 controlled meal Diet plan. Controlled meal I mean here is, we should take 2/3 of our regular meal which is 66% of our regular meals. So reduce slightly from your 3 meals per day.

That’s all we have to do for weight loss, this diet can be practiced fortnightly, since this weight loss diet giving promising results, you should not try every week. In a month, 1st and 3rd week you can exercise this diet and 2nd and 4th week should be rest week. 

During this diet, check your weight once in two days, first time diet planner should reduce 4 to 5 kgs in a month, during this period all the unwanted fats will be burned, in the subsequent Diet weeks, you will reduce little by little but stable reduction & your weight will be maintained.

If we reduce little by little, we can contain our weight in the same range, those lost weight will not be added again. we will lose our weight, only if we are in patience. So don’t rush for fast reducing weight that will be a problem for us later. In addition to the diet, add small exercise, if you can’t do it daily, try weekly 4 days, you can do small exercise, you can do simple brisk walk / 30 minutes walk, even in home you can continue with lot of small exercises. You can perform Yoga too.

How i lose my weight

See you soon in my next post with useful information, stay healthy stay blessed.

Your comments are highly appreciable.


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