Maintaining Well-Being Through Stressful Times

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What not makes you to live happy and stress free life? To answer this simple question I will always say, proper dieting and do exercise. People always tend to misinterpret between diet and fasting. Diet is called controlled food habit, wherein fasting is not eating anything.

Controlled diet makes our healthy diet throughout the life and balanced exercise along with diet makes simple and healthy life.

How to Diet? Can I eat when I feel hungry? Eating Carb can create fat? What time can I start Diet? How much water do I need to drink per day? Eating too much vegetables will harm? I am always stressed due to my weight, how can I reduce?

Diet is not that much complicated, planned food habit is called proper diet. You don’t have to calculate what you eat daily. If you want to reduce your weight, reduce your Carb intake, don’t wait until you feel hungry. Hunger will develop more acidity, that will lead to health complications, hunger doesn’t mean you need to wait until you feel much hunger, when you start feeling hunger, eat what you can. Preferable to eat Raw vegetables if you planned to reduce carb intake. Carb food not always unhealthy, excess carb is always risky. There is no time frame to start diet, if you want to live happy life start your diet today. Drinking water always reduce weight, at least drink 30 Min before your meal and after your meal. This will improve your metabolism. Excess weight is not a big deal, don’t be stressed, cool and make a proper diet to reduce your weight. Follow all 30 days weight loss challenge you will reduce easily


Ambika Subramani

Certified Nutritionist & Advanced diploma in Weight loss management

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