Can Intermittent fasting works well – 16:8 fasting method?

Before continue with intermittent fasting, we should know what is intermittent fasting? There are certain types of intermittent fasting available,
likely fasting in two days a week with limited calorie intake i.e. 400 to 500 calorie meal plan and the rest of the days with our regular meal plan.
Another type will be fasting in alternative days. But most effective and simplest method diet is 16 : 8. Lot of got benefited and it is very easy to follow.

To live a healthy life we need to follow simple diet and little exercise. One of the healthiest diet method i found is Intermittent diet, in 8 hours of diet we are going to take very much healthy food and controlled diet. The biggest advantage of having this diet is there is no restriction on the food what we going to have. We are going to have limited calorie food but in a healthy way

The method we are going to follow is 16:8, its allowed to eat for 8 hours and 16 hours we need to be in fasting. This diet can be taken for any days any number of times as per your weight loss goal. Further information found in the below video.


Ambika Subramani

Certified Nutritionist & Advanced diploma in Weight loss management

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